NorthBay Updates!

Rob Willoughby

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Here are some updates regarding next week’s NorthBay trip for 6th graders:

Please make sure that you are packing adequately for the week, preferably in layers.  Hats and gloves are a must.   A packing list was sent home with your student, and is available on Mr. Honer’s science website, which can be found at:

All luggage will need to be dropped off at CRMS on Monday morning between 7:00 and 7:40.  Luggage cannot be carried on the school bus — it must be dropped off during these times.  Please make sure that your child’s name is clearly marked on their luggage.

Any medication must be in the original prescription bottle and the bottles in a clear plastic zip bag.  Medicine cannot be packed in luggage and must be turned in to Mr. Lambert during luggage drop off on Monday morning.

Please remember that all school rules and policies apply while on this trip.

We anticipate students will return on Friday at approximately 1:45 PM.  We will send out a SchoolMessenger call when students have returned.  Students and their luggage must be picked up and signed out on Friday.  Please make appropriate arrangements.

For students not attending NorthBay, please remember that next week is a regular school week and your child should attend as normal and be prepared to go outside throughout the week.