6th Graders Returning From NorthBay

Rob Willoughby

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We expect our 6th graders to return to CRMS from NorthBay tomorrow between 1:45 and 2:00 PM. We will put out an automated call when they are due to arrive.

6th graders who return from NorthBay will be in the gym, as will their luggage. All luggage must be picked up, as it cannot go home on the school bus.

To pick up your child and their luggage, please access the doors to the gymnasium, please do not go the main door of the school and ring the buzzer.

If you are sending someone other than a parent to pick up your child, please call the school tomorrow and speak with either Mrs. Blanchfield or Mrs. Towers with the name of the person who will be picking up your child. You may also e-mail this information to blanchfield.donna@ccpsstaff.org or towers.jane@ccpsstaff.org.

We have had a great time at NorthBay, and look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.